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Sunday 2nd May
11am service with guest Speaker, Bryan Pill
Duration: 1h24m
Date Recorded: 02/05/2021

Sunday 25th April
Jesus restores and recommissions Peter - John 21 - Vazon Elim Church - Resurrection encounters 4
Duration: 1h13m
Date Recorded: 25/04/2021

Sunday 18th April
The stranger on the shore - Jesus makes breakfast on the beach - John 21 - 18/4/2021 Vazon Guernsey
Duration: 1h9m
Date Recorded: 18/04/2021

Sunday 11th April - Stop doubting and believe!
Resurrection Encounters 2 - Vazon Elim Church Guernsey - April 2021
Duration: 1h11m
Date Recorded: 17/04/2021

Easter Sunday 4th April
Easter Sunday service - From Doubt to Hope Matt Gregor
Duration: 1h21m
Date Recorded: 04/04/2021

Good Friday 2nd April
Good Friday service with Matt Gregor and songs from the choir. The darkness of the cross on the first Good Friday - Luke 23:44
Duration: 1h6m
Date Recorded: 02/04/2021

Sunday 28th March
Pastor Matt Gregor Palm Sunday
Duration: 1h17m
Date Recorded: 28/03/2021

Sunday 21st March
Online service with Matt Gregor - Humility Worship
Duration: 1h7m
Date Recorded: 21/03/2021

Sunday 14th March - Mothers day online service
Mothers day online service with Matt Gregor
Duration: 1h21m
Date Recorded: 14/03/2021

Sunday 7th March
How to persevere through tough times with Eric Gaudion - Vazon Elim Church Guernsey - 7 March 2021
Duration: 1h12m
Date Recorded: 07/03/2021