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Sunday 26th September
Building my life on the Bible- James 1 -40 Days in the WORD 1- 19 Sept- Vazon Elim Church Guernsey
Duration: 1h8m
Date Recorded: 19/09/2021

Sunday 12th September
Vazon Elim Church Guernsey HARVEST celebration - 12th Sept - The Good Samaritan Luke 10
Duration: 1h5m
Date Recorded: 12/09/2021

Sunday 5th September
"He is not far from any one of us" Acts 17:27 - 5th Sept 2021 - Vazon Elim Church Guernsey
Duration: 1h5m
Date Recorded: 05/09/2021

Sunday 29th August
Vazon Elim Church - 29 Aug 2021 - James Menhenitt Matt 14:22 - Don't go down with the ship
Duration: 1h24m
Date Recorded: 29/08/2021

Sunday 22nd August
Great to hear from the youth about their 'Orbital' camp. Message by James Menhenitt
Duration: 1h21m
Date Recorded: 22/08/2021

Sunday 15th August
Morning service with message by James Menhenitt
Duration: 1h6m
Date Recorded: 15/08/2021

Sunday 8th August 2021
Message from Eric Gaudion
Duration: 1h15m
Date Recorded: 08/08/2021

Sunday 1st August
How does God guide us? "Come over to Macedonia and help us - Acts 16" - Vazon Elim Church 1st August
Duration: 1h11m
Date Recorded: 01/08/2021

Sunday 25th July
"..but the church was earnestly praying" Acts 12:5 - Vazon Elim Church Guernsey - 25 July 2021
Duration: 1h10m
Date Recorded: 25/07/2021

Sunday 18th July
I now realise...Acts 10:34 - God has no favourites! 18 July 21 - Vazon Elim Church Guernsey
Duration: 1h12m
Date Recorded: 18/07/2021