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Sunday 11th October
Pastor Matt Gregor
Duration: 1h30m
Date Recorded: 11/10/2020

Sunday 4th October
Pastor Matt Gregor 40 Days of Prayer
Duration: 1h21m
Date Recorded: 04/10/2020

Sunday 27th September
40 days of prayer Eric Gaudion
Duration: 1h26m
Date Recorded: 27/09/2020

Sunday 13th September
40 Days of prayer - week 1 Matt Gregor
Duration: 1h19m
Date Recorded: 13/09/2020

Sunday 6th September
Pastor Eric Gaudion '40 days of prayer'
Duration: 1h15m
Date Recorded: 06/09/2020

Sunday 30th August
Pastor Matt Gregor
Duration: 1h10m
Date Recorded: 30/08/2020

Sunday 23rd August 2020
Morning service
Duration: 1h17m
Date Recorded: 23/08/2020

Sunday 16th August 2020
Pastor Eric Gaudion
Duration: 1h14m
Date Recorded: 16/08/2020

Sunday 9th August
Dedication service
Duration: 1h05m
Date Recorded: 09/08/2020

Sunday 2nd Aug
Pastor Matt Gregor
Duration: 1h28m
Date Recorded: 02/08/2020