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Sunday 11th July
Is anyone listening? Acts 8 - Vazon Elim Church Guernsey - 11 July 2021
Duration: 1h12m
Date Recorded: 11/07/2021

Sunday 4th July
God always has the best plan - 4th July 21 with guest speaker Nigel Pascoe - Vazon Elim Church
Duration: 1h28m
Date Recorded: 04/07/2021

Sunday 27th June
Ordinary People...Filled with the Holy Spirit - Acts 9 - 27th June -Vazon Elim Church Guernsey
Duration: 1h13m
Date Recorded: 27/06/2021

Sunday 20th June
Full of Faith and the Holy Spirit...even when it doesn't feel like it - Acts ch7 - Vazon Elim Church
Duration: 1h10m
Date Recorded: 20/06/2021

Sunday 13th June
Message by Matt Gregor 'How to deal with interruptions'
Duration: 1h10m
Date Recorded: 13/06/2021

Sunday 6th June
Vazon Elim Church 6 June 2021 with Guest speaker Andy Shilling - "Blessed are the pure in heart!"
Duration: 1h10m
Date Recorded: 06/06/2021

Sunday 30th May
Sunday morning service with Matt Gregor
Duration: 57m
Date Recorded: 30/05/2021

Sunday 23rd May - Pentecost Sunday
"As the spirit enabled them"
Duration: 1h5m
Date Recorded: 23/05/2021

Sunday 16th May - Ascension
Pastor Matt Gregor
Duration: 1h11m
Date Recorded: 16/05/2021

Sunday 9th May - Liberation Day
Liberation Day service with message from Matt Gregor
Duration: 1h20m
Date Recorded: 09/05/2021