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Sunday 9th June
Matt Gregor
Duration: 1h18m
Date Recorded: 06/09/2019

Sunday 2nd June
Morning service with Matt Gregor
Duration: 1h14m
Date Recorded: 06/02/2019

Sunday 26th May
Morning Service with Nigel James
Duration: 1h24m
Date Recorded: 05/26/2019

Sunday 19th May
Message from James Menhenitt
Duration: 1h28m
Date Recorded: 05/19/2019

Sunday 12th May
Pastor Matt Gregor
Duration: 1h21m
Date Recorded: 05/18/2019

Sunday 5th May
Pastor Chris Bethwaite from New Zealand
Duration: 1h23m
Date Recorded: 05/05/2019

Watoto Sunday 28th AprilAM
Watoto Childrens choir from Uganda
Duration: 1h35m
Date Recorded: 04/28/2019

Good Friday morning service
With Eric Gaudion
Duration: 1h00m
Date Recorded: 04/21/2019

Easter Sunday 21st April Baptismal service
Baptismal service
Duration: 1h20m
Date Recorded: 04/21/2019

Sunday 14th April
Morning service with Matt Gregor
Duration: 1h23m
Date Recorded: 04/14/2019