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The New Me - Part3 - Sunday October 20th
Dealing with Pressure - Pastor Eric Gaudion
Duration: 34m
Date Recorded: 10/20/2019

The New Me - Part2 - Sunday October 13th
The New Me - Part3 - Matt Gregor
Duration: 30min
Date Recorded: 10/13/2019

The New Me - Part1 - Sunday 6th October
The New Me - Part 1 - Eric Gaudion
Duration: 32m
Date Recorded: 10/06/2019

Sunday 29th September
Harvest Service
Duration: 1h04m
Date Recorded: 09/29/2019

Sunday 22nd September
Sunday morning service with Matt Gregor
Duration: 1h20m
Date Recorded: 09/22/2019

Sunday 1st September
Sunday morning service with Brian Pill
Duration: 1h30m
Date Recorded: 09/07/2019

Sunday 25th August
Sunday morning service with Nigel Pascoe
Duration: 1h15m
Date Recorded: 08/28/2019

Sunday 18th August
Sunday Morning Service
Duration: 1h10m
Date Recorded: 08/18/2019

Sunday 11th August
Pastor Matt Gregor
Duration: 1h13m
Date Recorded: 08/11/2019

Sunday 4th August
Morning service with Matt Gregor
Duration: 1h14m
Date Recorded: 08/10/2019